Answers to common questions about myUsage or specific account types.

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No usage is being returned...

This could occur for a number of reasons, the most common issues are:

  • An undetected login failure has occurred, please try troubleshooting this issue by reading the "Login and authentication issues..." section.
  • The source or website is currently in maintenance mode or offline, please allow at least 12-24 hours and try again. Additionally, avoid checking usage during slow/offpeak times (e.g. midnight to 6am), most providers perform maintenance on services during these times.
  • The source or website used to retrieve the usage has changed, please notify myUsage for further assistance.
  • Ensure all details entered in myUsage for your account is correct, for example, some account types rely on your card number, service number or account number to be correctly formatted to detect the correct usage to return.

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